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Rixongile Ngobeni is the founder of Drew Africa, a South African born entrepreneur. In 2013, Rixongile Co-founded a non-profit christian organisation named Changed Inc, which was based in a small town in Limpopo called Giyani. Her journey of growth and ambition grew as she executed strategies of acquiring famous gospel artists and hosting worship nights with the big shots.


She has had the priviledge of working with the likes of Mahalia Buchanan and Ntokozo Mbambo to name a few. In 2016, she founded an events company named NomKat Events and as she continued to grow and acquire knowledge in the business industry, her growth and passion for marketing spoke volumes in everything she did, which made her decide to venture into marketing, branding, research and public relations field of business, which founded Drew Africa.


Rixongile also has a Foundation named "Rixongile Foundation"  and recently, she launced her own brand called "Swa Koteka" which is a Tsonga word meaning "It's possible". The brand has been overwhelmingly accelerating in sales, reaching up to 15 000 people on social media in one month (February-March 2019). This just outlines the ability for Rixongile to impressingly help your corporate brand, product brand, and even personal brand to reach new customers, retain the current customers, and grow your business through her marketing experience and expertise. 


The Pioneer



  • To deliver uncompromised services at all times 

  • To serve THE BEST to our clients, with passion, delegance and personal focus. 

  • To represent each client with pride and dignity.



  1. To continually strive to produce the highest level of marketing research, assistance and advice to our clients

  2. To focus on creativity and innovation in every project we handle 

  3. To improve our service delivery and ensure that we are open to new markets and new ideas

  4. To invest in our employees, our clients, and our craft. 


Drew Africa is a South African based Marketing and Branding Agency, specializing in market research, digital marketing (social media, internet, mobile, email and content marketing), SEO, public relations, branding (personal, product and corporate branding) and event management.

We offer dynamic and non-traditional PR campaigns, marketing strategies, complete with social media marketing. Our hands on approach and creative ideas give us the edge to put your brand exactly where you want it to be.

• Level 1 BBB-EE contributor
• 100% black owned company launched in 2016


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